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11,75 EUR*
Details Pillow Case Cushion Cover Friendly Colleagues Custom Pillowcase Covers


48,14 EUR*
Details Coaching with Colleagues 2nd Edition: An Action Guide for One-to-One Learning

Coaching for Colleagues is a rigorous and well-established practical guide to executive coaching. This updated and revised edition is packed with case studies, usable tools and models, practical exercises and techniques, and specialist chapters ...

22,59 EUR*
Details Darwin

At last, a biography to match the man. . . . Darwin, his family, his colleagues, and his milieu come alive in this book. . . . Superbly written.--Everett Menselson, Harvard University This biography of Charles Darwin attempts to capture the private ...

10,57 EUR*
Details Office Hours

Office Hours Romance and tragedy on a college campus Office Hours is loosely based on stories I heard from colleagues and students during my office hours as a professor. No one should hunt for themselves in these tales as they are exaggerated, changed ...

4,68 EUR*
Details 16 Karten, 2 Designs, Weihnachten, Weihnachtsmann, Schneemann &

Die ideale Weihnachtskarte zum Teilen mit Freunden, Familie und colleagues. A, 16 Stück in box, Christmas Greetings cards UK gespeichert. 16 Karten insgesamt sind im Lieferumfang enthalten, inkl. Umschläge, in 2 Die verschiedenen designs, box und ...

15,99 EUR*
Details High on the Downs

High on the Downs - A Festschrift for Harry Guest Harry Guest was born in Penarth in 1932. This festschrift volume is published to coincide with his 80th birthday and features tributes from friends, colleagues and fellow poets and translators.

21,34 EUR*
Details The Future of Architecture

To mark his 80th year, acclaimed Dutch architect Herman Hertzberger invited colleagues and students alike to reflect on the future of architecture, acknowledging it as 'the discipline par excellence that has lent itself to the representation of a new ...

14,66 EUR*
Details The Lipstick Proviso

The Lipstick Proviso Many women today prepare for a big meeting by reading a stack of folders and applying lipstick. They order their male colleagues around, then wait for those same men to help them on with their coats. They have higher-status jobs ...

117,69 EUR*
Details Enrico Fermi: His Work and Legacy

Enrico Fermi: His Work and Legacy Enrico Fermi's scientific work, noted for its originality and breadth, has had lasting consequences throughout modern science. Written by close colleagues as well as scientists whose fields were profoundly influenced ...

12,49 EUR*
Details Liespotting: Proven Techniques to Detect Deception

Liespotting People - friends, family members, colleagues, salespeople - lie to us all the time. Daily, hourly, constantly. None of us is immune and all of us are victims. This title links three disciplines - facial recognition training, interrogation ...

19,49 EUR*
Details You Can Heal Your Life

With an astounding 35 million copies sold worldwide, "You Can Heal Your Life" has now been turned into an entertaining and inspirational movie hosted by bestselling author Louise L. Hay. Featuring her colleagues such as Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Jerry & ...

7,43 EUR*
Details Models of a Man: Essays in Memory of Herbert A. Simon

Models of a Man Essays that pay tribute to the wide-ranging influence of the late Herbert Simon, by friends and colleagues. Full description

34,99 EUR*
Details Culturally Proficient Instruction: A Guide For People Who Teach

Culturally Proficient Instruction The authors of this updated edition of a bestseller invite you to reflect on how you influence your students and collaborate with your colleagues. Full description

61,99 EUR*
Details Mabel Agnes Elliott: Pioneering Feminist, Pacifist Sociologist

Mabel Agnes Elliott This book is an intellectual history of the late Mabel Agnes Elliott (1898-1990). Despite being disregarded by her male colleagues, she became a productive sociologist in addition to being a feminist and a pacifist. Full description

9,99 EUR*
Details The Ice Cream Song - Music Box

The Ice Cream Song - Music Box A traditional handcranked music box - turn the handle to play the tune This one plays a classic ice cream van jingle - pure nostalgia! Makes a great small gift or stocking filler for musical friends and colleagues

8,30 EUR*
Details How to Resolve Conflicts: Turn Conflict Into Cooperation

How to Resolve Conflicts Conflict distorts relationships - whether it takes the form of international disputes between countries or cross words exchanged with friends, work colleagues or family members. All too often conflict can slip out of control ...

20,99 EUR*
Details How to Deal with Stress (Creating Success)

How to Deal with Stress Crammed full of techniques on how to deal with stressed employees and colleagues, this book helps you achieve long term goal. It provides a thorough understanding of the psychological causes of stress and the resulting physical ...

16,37 EUR*
Details How to Write Reports & Proposals (Creating Success)

Getting a message across on paper and presenting a proposal in a clear and persuasive form are vital skills for anyone in business. "How to Write Reports and Proposals" provides practical advice on how to impress, convince and persuade your colleagues ...

123,99 EUR*
Details Philosophy of Science: An Historical Anthology (Blackwell Philosophy Anthologies)

The Philosophy of Science "For years I've fielded queries from colleagues around the world seeking an anthology through which to teach introductory history and philosophy of science courses by means of primary sources from the Greeks to the twentieth ...

30,28 EUR*
Details Metal Rooster for Feng Shui Special Metal Cure

Metal Rooster is one of the powerful feng shui items to stay away arguments. People would like to display metal rooster in office if there are some gossips among colleagues. Metal Rooster can dissolve the office politics and favor to solve the ...